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Greeting of the KAPA's President
Welcome to the KAPA homepage!

   The Korea Association for Public Administration (KAPA) has been the umbrella association representing the field of Public Administration in South Korea during the last 60 years. After its establishment on October 12, 1956, the association’s achievements have been done with much excellence and diversity in the studies and education on public administration, governance, and public policies seeking to blend theory and practice.

   Currently, Korea is faced with such issues as population reduction, recession, social polarization, aging and low birthrate in addition to the inter-Korean confrontation, and the advent of knowledge-based society. These issues pose a challenge for KAPA to rise to the task of providing solutions and direction as results of research for better future.

   This year is of importance to KAPA, especially so because it is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The main theme for this year is the 'Redesign of Public Administration for Future Society,' with the aim of reviewing the academic achievements accumulated for the last 60 years as well as prospecting the directions of the future research and education which should have much relevance to the coming society.

   The KAPA continues to lead the academic agenda and organize conferences and seminars which are much beneficial to its members. It will also continue to play its role as an important channel for exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners.

We anticipate your profound supports for and contributions to the KAPA. Thank you again for the interest and visiting the KAPA homepage.

Pyeong Jun Yu
Professor, Department of Global Public Administration, Yonsei University
President, Korean Association for Public Administration
Secretariat of KAPA
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