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Greeting of the KAPA's President
Greeting from KAPA President

Dear colleagues;

Welcome to the Korea Association for Public Administration (KAPA)

The Korea Association for Public Administration (KAPA) is the leading research association in the field of public administration in Korea. For more than 60 years, we have been committed to strengthening research involving public administration, educating students, and promoting international scholarly exchanges. The Korea Association for Public Administration is still growing in its membership and has effectively worked as an important channel through which all of those interested, including academicians, students, and practitioners, can engage in scholarly discourses and contribute their scholarship to developing the field of public administration, public management and public policy.

South Korea and many other countries seem to be currently facing challenges of rather unprecedented scale. These challenges should include ageing, low birthrate, lower economic growth, the 4th industrial revolution, etc. To the extent these constitute vital public problems, one should ask whether the governments have the capacity to deal with these. We are also curious about how the platforms of new public management and post-NPM would fit to deal with these governance challenges. In this year, KAPA will host an international conference entitled, “Bigger Challenges and Governing Capacity” in June with the purpose of advancing our understanding of the necessary capacity at each level of government to address those challenges. We would also like to discuss about possible ways to build effectively the government capacities through inviting international experiences and ideas.

Moreover, we will be very pleased to see the KAPA international conference serve as a stepping stone on which domestic and international individual scholars and organizations could build opportunities for collaborative research projects concerning the governing capacities to address those bigger and rather novel challenges. The International Review of Public Administration, KAPA’s official international journal now published with Taylor & Francis Group, will be another great outlet for these scholarly exchanges.

We look forward to your continuous contribution and participation in the events and other scholarly exchanges, as well as the June international conference offered through KAPA.

Thank you again for your interest in and visit to the KAPA homepage.
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