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Greeting of the KAPA's President
Dear Most Venerable KAPA Members,

    With its rigorous and relevant research on the government and public policies, the Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) has presented a new vision for public administration and made indispensable contributions to the betterment of our nation. Thanks to the passion and endeavors of our members who have spearheaded new research agendas, our KAPA has solidly established itself as the leading association for public administration in Korea.

    If we aspire to continue making such contributions and achievements, it is time for all of us to carefully consider the radical and fundamental changes in the environment surrounding public administration. Public administration, as a field of applied research, is by nature oriented toward solving real-life policy problems. It is meant to be a fascinating discipline that can most effectively fulfill its vision and imperatives by squarely dealing with the fundamental challenges in the real world and strenuously communicating research results to the policy communities. In reality, however, it is not.

    The most urgent issue at hand is to secure and strengthen its identity as a discipline in applied research. To meet the challenge, as the KAPA president, I will nurture a community for research that pursues “public values” as its core disciplinary value. The upcoming summer conference will thus focus on “administrative values as the paradigm of public administration.”

    I will endeavor to make our discipline better prepare the PA majors for the placement in the government and public institutions. It is our obligation to present a new direction for public policies with theories of public administration, not of business administration or economics. It is also our duty to make it clear to our students and enterprises that public administration does research not just about management, but more importantly about public interests and values. I will also make every effort to convince relevant public authorities that questions regarding “public values” and “civil service ethics” be included in the examinations for career civil service and for public enterprises.

   Last, but not least, I will promote an academic environment where our members can gather as colleagues, developing and exchanging new ideas. For this purpose, I will continue and strengthen the initiatives and programs from my predecessors. “The Administrative Forum” by Dr. Dong-Suh Park will be resumed. The task of the “Committee on Introductory Public Administration” will be continued and completed with clear guidelines regarding the scope for public administration textbooks and subjects for Civil Service Examinations. Moreover, the meetings of the emerging scholars will be reinvigorated, adding young perspectives to the values and achievements of our venerable KAPA members.

    In this year of Golden Dog, the KAPA will make incessant efforts to bring itself closer to the members. It won’t be possible only with the aspirations by the leadership and board members. Please do not spare your passionate supports and constructive criticisms to make the KAPA better serve our members.

Kang, Je-Sang
President, The Korean Association for Public Administration
Secretariat of KAPA
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